Use TRUPOINT's Fair Lending Risk Check software to conduct a self assessment, reduce risk, and better manage compliance

With Fair Lending Risk Check You Will...

  • Lower Your Institution’s Risk

    by providing a comprehensive self-assessment that lets you understand your risk so you can proactively make improvements to your Fair Lending compliance program.

  • Improve Your Knowledge

    of Fair Lending through guided examples, online help and best practice insight.

  • Save Time and Money

    by enabling you and your compliance team to conduct a risk assessment in less time and for less money. Priced to fit any budget.

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You deal with Fair Lending every day, but do you have a comprehensive understanding of your institution’s Fair Lending risk in light of new regulations and enforcement? Without clarity, you could be stuck in a penalty box for a prolonged period of time, saddling your bank with unintended fines, alongside other serious consequences.

At TRUPOINT Partners, we understand the regulatory challenges faced by banks and mortgage lenders and have developed a risk assessment tool that will help you identify and reduce your institution’s Fair Lending risk more easily than you even imagined possible.

Fair Lending Risk Check is a web-based easy-to-use self-assessment solution that will indentify potential Fair Lending risk and provides a road map to best practices in Fair Lending.

Act Now. Get Started.

Don’t let expensive, complicated products get in your way of successfully
managing Fair Lending compliance.

How is Risk Check Different?


    Unlike consultant-led risk assessments, Fair Lending Risk Check allows you to conduct a self-assessment at your pace. It does not require heavy investment in licenses, hardware, IT, or training. With a 10 minute orientation and an internet connection, you can be on your way to diagnosing your institution's risk.

  • Expert Answers

    You’ll never get stuck without guidance on how to answer an assessment question. Risk Check provides “best practice” responses, drafted by compliance experts, to simplify the process and ensure you are never at a loss of words.

    Use the sample language in your answer by appending / copying with one click.

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  • Delegate Questions

    Delegate selected questions to others within the institution better suited to answer them. Improve collaboration between departments and better manage the process.

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  • Answer Help

    Need help completing the risk assessment? Fair Lending Risk Check lets you connect to TRUPOINT's team of compliance experts, during your assessment, at no additional charge.

  • Risk Ratings

    Allows users to determine their institution’s level of risk for each key risk area


    Attach policies, comparative analysis and other key documents to key risk questions


    Comprehensive reporting allows you to print completed assessments, pending items, work papers, and "to do" lists, simply and easily

    Action Items

    Lets you take notes, make lists, schedule tasks, and better manage compliance



    No software to purchase or install. 24x7 access anywhere


    Safe & Secure

    Information is secure and only accessible to you


    Costs Less

    Asset based pricing designed to fit any budget


    Easy to Use

    Intuitive and user friendly. Virtually no training required

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About TRUPOINT Partners

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, TRUPOINT Partners serves over 400 financial institutions nationwide in Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA and related services through a unique blend of Risk Check self-assessments, data analytics and compliance expertise.

The company’s cloud-based TRUPOINT Analytics platform enables financial institutions to access hundreds of reports and analytics using public, private and proprietary data. TRUPOINT also offers Risk Check self-assessment products and professional consulting services to help financial institutions manage regulatory risk.

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